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Alexander Dennis

Alexander Dennis, part of global bus manufacturer NFI Group, is leading the transition to zero-emission mobility with electric and hydrogen buses. Zero emission buses play a vital role in decarbonisation a Smart City by combining the benefits of public transport with those of electric mobility.


Aralia Systems Ltd.

Aralia provides imaging products and services which provides maintenance information for utilities, the built environment and transport systems. We are experts in the automated extraction of actionable intelligence from video and images, including through the application of machine learning.



Cascoda releases the energy saving & productivity potential of wireless IoT in building & industrial automation, by providing an IP-based framework for device-to-device, device-cloud & cloud-cloud connectivity, all fully certified to international ISO/IEC standards for connectivity & NIST/ETSI for security


Epitomical Limited

Epitomical develops Autonomous, Electric and Connected systems for robotic applications across multiple sectors.

The company has recently launched its Autorover platform, an Autonomous Rover-class vehicle capable of addressing numerous applications from monitoring and inspection of Biodiversity to mobile electric vehicle charging.


ABB Hitachi Power Grids

Hitachi Europe Social Innovation Business (SIB) and Hitachi ABB Power Grids have combined to develop a full, end-to-end turnkey Intelligent Fleet Decarbonisation solution that delivers the full suite of services required to move to net zero. We offer an ‘as a service’ capability, encompassing infrastructure, energy, vehicles, charge points and digital enablement, to public and private organisations for low-carbon car, van, truck, and bus fleet operations. Our solution is about whole life cost optimisation, simplicity of transition to EV and removing risk from your decision-making process and future fleet operations.


Katrick Technologies Ltd.

Katrick Technologies is a green energy and IP-based business providing innovative patented technologies. Our solutions Capture, Converge, and Convert thermal and mechanical vibrations from low-quality heat, wind, and wave into carbon-free electricity. Scalable and flexible, our novel wind energy solution is applicable across a wide range urban and rural environments. Using unique patented vibrational technology our panels are dual purpose providing noise mitigation solutions in addition to carbon-free electricity to decarbonise transportation, retail and logistic sectors, airports, residences, and commercial locations.


London Electric Vehicle Company

REX technology enables public transport companies/mobility on-demand providers as well as every light commercial vehicle user to switch to an electrified powertrain without suffering from the lack of charging infrastructure or range anxiety that exists today around electric vehicles.
As our TX model is by default equipped with a wheelchair accessible ramp and dedicated space for a wheelchair inside the passenger cabin, LEVC aims to promote SDG 10 “Reduced Inequalities” along with it.



LightFi makes IoT sensors that help buildings become healthier and more energy efficient.  Our IOT sensors collect real time data on air quality and occupancy, with a granularity from whole building to individual desk level. Our clients have achieved 50% energy savings, with a sub 2-year ROI, and carbon savings equivalent to 1 tree planted per 1m2 of building floorspace.


Likido Limited

Our unique CO₂ based high-temperature heat pumps provide heating and cooling without the need for combustion or the burning of fossil fuels, reducing energy consumption by up to 75%. With our flagship industrial unit Likido®ONE, 1kWe of electrical energy produces 8kWth of thermal energy giving a COPhc of 1:8 for most applications, with a usable temperature range is between -45…+140oC.


Naked Energy

Naked Energy is a design and engineering businesses focused on decarbonising the provision of heat in the built environment with its versatile and innovative range of solar collectors. VirtuPVT is a globally unique hybrid collector generating both heat and power from the same area of roof or façade.



Neustark removes CO2 from the atmosphere and stores it in demolition concrete. The CO2 is irrevocably bound by mineralisation and never returns to the atmosphere. The carbonated demolition concrete can be used for the production of fresh concrete that meets all standard requirements and quality demands.



Q-Bot uses robotics and AI to create smart tools to inspect, maintain and upgrade buildings. Q-Bot’s range of technologies for the built environment includes a robotic underfloor insulation method, a ground-breaking digital twin solution, and a prototype robot to apply wall insulation/render.


Sustainable Development Capital LLP

Sustainable Development Capital LLP (“SDCL”) is a multi-national investment management firm, which specialises in environmental infrastructure.

For us, sustainability goes hand in hand with resource efficiency and productivity. We focus on cleaner, cheaper and more reliable solutions to deliver essential infrastructure services, to reduce demand for resources such as energy and water and to reduce or reuse waste.



SwissPost delivers a rising number of parcels to Swiss cities every year. How can the last mile get decarbonized and become more sustainable? A glance at SwissPost’s actions challenges in last mile operations.



UrbanChain is a peer-to-peer local energy system developer (using AI and Blockchain) required to meet net zero commitments, enabling a more efficient, low carbon energy markets without government subsidy. We are fully commercialised in the UK and explore our export opportunities to Europe, India and PGM.



UtterBerry is a provider of Artificially Intelligent wireless smart sensor systems for infrastructure monitoring and the development of Smart Cities. Its patented technology has been used in a variety of major national infrastructure projects including London’s Crossrail and Thames Tideway. Its customers include Network Rail, London Underground, Thames Water, Laing O’Rourke, Costain, BAM and BFK. UtterBerry’s electronics technology is also used to create Smart IoT devices.

The company was founded by Heba Bevan in 2013 as a spin-out from Cambridge University. It is based in London, where it designs and develops its own hardware and software technologies. Its Smart sensors are all manufactured within the UK and exported throughout the World.


Züri begrünt

suter & partner would like to present a collaboratively usable web app tool for realising measures to make cities greener, healthier & cooler! Best practice examples help communicate knowledge, avoid repeating errors and mitigate urban heat islands. Our new concept provides deep insights without ever leaving simplicity.