Welcome to the EuroVis 2021 registration.

One Contributor must register for each paper or poster, as well as for each invited journal paper. Full papers, short papers, state-of-the-art-reports, Dirk Bartz Prize, invited presentations, and all workshop contributions use the "Paper Contribution" categories, whereas the EuroVis poster contributors use the "Poster Contribution" categories.

All contributions (except for invited papers) must further pay the Gold Open Access fee. Invited papers have been published elsewhere and do not need to pay the Open Access publication fees. Thus for each full paper, short paper, state-of-the-art-report, Dirk Bartz Prize or poster contribution, one corresponding Gold Open Access ticket must also be selected.

As "Personal Detail" enter the contact information of the speaker. We will use the provided email address to contact the speaker with further information regarding their session.