The breakout sessions are designed to debate opportunities and challenges of different partnership models. In each session, there will be short inputs from two parties of an existing innovative partnership. The subsequent interactive discussions between the moderator, presenters and the audience will cover challenges of setting up such partnerships, how these challenges were handled and how such solutions allow for scalability. Participants will be able to visit 2 of the 6 sessions.



Breakout session A, B and C - 14:15-15:15



Session A: Private Equity investments in context of SDG’s and impact investments​


This session will focus on the scalability of Private Equity in the field of investments for development


  • Philipp Cottier, Member of Executive Management, responsAbility Investments AG
  • Edith Aldewereld, Partner, Sonnenberg Wealth Management

Private Equity investors provide “patient” capital. Furthermore, their sphere of influence is higher than the one of private debt investors. What are the specific challenges of partnerships with private and public investors in this context? The debate will focus on instruments and key success factors to scale up PE investments in an emerging market context. This session will also bring in the veiws of end investors on how such partnerships allow more capital to flow into such investments.

This session will be moderated by Jean Laville, Deputy CEO, SSF.



Session B: Using fixed income to support the growth of SMEs 


This session will focus on SME financing in emerging and frontier markets.


  • Christoffer Dahlberg - Head of Client Relations, Symbiotics SA
  • Nicole Neghaiwi - Impact Investment Strategist, UBS
  • Lukas Schneller - Deputy Head of the Private Sector Development Division, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)

The panel will use an existing partnership that offers loan solutions for SME growth to illustrate key challenges and opportunities when financing SMEs. These types of loans promote entrepreneurship, job creation and inclusive economic growth while offering a financial return to investors. The panel will also cover a key topic of impact measurement. Linked to such products, impact assessment studies can be performed which will measure key outcomes at the level of the final beneficiary (the SME), and accordingly infer the extent to which the partnership succeeded in meeting its goals.

This session will be moderated by Annette Krauss, Member of the Board, CSP University Zurich.








Session C: Engaging listed multinationals - How to increase positive impact 


Join this session to see recent developments in how fund managers are engaging with listed equities to help them support social enterprises.


  • Melchior de Muralt, Managing Partner, De Pury Pictet Turrettini
  • Béatrice Delperdange, Head of Business Development, KOIS Invest 

Corporates and social enterprises, together with government agencies, can achieve far greater systemic and tangible results by joining forces, rather than acting alone. Kois Invest and PPT will present a solution to advise listed companies within investment funds on increasing their positive social impact. This session will show how investors in listed equities can therefore also use their voices to promote investee companies to invest in viable enterprises that benefit both society, as well as their investments.

This session will be moderated by Patrick Fankhauser, Head of Sales & Business Development, Inrate.





Breakout session D, E and F - 15:45-16:45




Session D: Promoting access to climate insurance


In this session, we will be looking at a partnership helping those potentially affected by climate change issues gain access to insurance.


  • Felix Hermes, Chief Operations Officer, BlueOrchard
  • Heike Allendorf, Head of Impact Insurance, CelsiusPro

The two partners, BlueOrchard (fund manager) and CelsiusPro (technical assistance provider), will discuss challenges and opportunities of their public-private partnership, which has been set up by KfW on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). It forms part of the G7 InsuResilience Initiative, which aims at increasing the resilience of the poor and vulnerable to extreme weather events and natural disasters.

Three leading reinsurers - Swiss Re, Munich Re and Hannover Re - are business partners of the partnership, supporting origination, providing expertise and industry contacts to investees and offering reinsurance underwriting capacity.

This session will be moderated by Kelly Hess, Senior Project Manager, SSF.



Session E: Emerging Market green bonds to finance the low carbon economy in developing countries


Attend this breakout session to learn more about how the rapidly growing green bond market is contributing to a low carbon economy.


  • Jean-Jacques Barbéris, Co- Head of Institutional Client Coverage, Amundi
  • Jean-Marie Masse, Chief Investment Officer, IFC

Climate finance and development goals are a growing priority on investor agendas. Amundi, together with IFC, formed a partnership to foster emerging market green bonds. They seek to deepen local capital markets and expand financing for climate investments. With combined efforts in this public-private partnership, this project will create demand for green bonds from emerging markets, as well as, assist the supply of green bonds through the establishment of a support facility.

This session will be moderated by Amandine Favier, Head of Sustainable Finance, WWF Switzerland.




Session F: Investments into innovations to achieve transformational impact  

In this session we will debate how development agencies can support private investments through the set-up of guarantee instruments and the establishment of targeted partnerships.


  • Tim Radjy, Founder and Managing Partner, AlphaMundi Group Ltd
  • Christopher Onajin, Senior Advisor Loans & Guarantees, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)

Through their support, development agencies can make private investments into innovative solutions more viable. AlphaMundi together with Sida will speak about how to capitalize on the most promising/mature innovations and take them to larger scale through mobilization of commercial capital in combination with brokering support and technical assistance. Learn about the main challenges and ways of addressing them for these actors seeking to achieve a transformational and systemic impact.

This session will be moderated by Frédéric Berney, Chief Risk Officer, BlueOrchard.